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WESTARM Therapy & Homecare in the Allegheny Valley in Pennsylvania provides speech therapy to adults and children with communication and swallowing disorders. Come to our clinic in Lower Burrell for therapy from our trained and capable speech therapists to experience a dramatic improvement.

Speech Disorders in the Allegheny Valley, PA

Perhaps your youngest has problems pronouncing some words. Before it becomes a problem and embarrassment for your child, turn to WESTARM Therapy & Homecare for professional speech therapy treatment in the Allegheny Valley in Pennsylvania. We offer assistance for speech, language and swallowing disorders.

Treatment of Speech Disorders in Lower Burrell

Visit us in Lower Burrell to begin your treatment for speech disorders. From screenings and tests, we come up with a diagnosis, and then we consult on a treatment plan that is customized to your needs. This could include follow-up services, such as management, intervention and counseling.

Woman Helping a Child in the Allegheny Valley

Speech Therapists in the Allegheny Valley

The speech therapists at WESTARM Therapy & Homecare meet stringent qualifications for education and training before they come to us. They possess master's degrees and special training to identify and treat speech and language disorders. In addition, they have completed an internship, passed a national competency test and are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania.

Communication Disorders in Lower Burrell

Under the general heading of speech disorders are several different disorders, each requiring a different treatment plan. Our speech therapists assist people with:

• Cognitive Communication: Attention, Memory and Problem Solving
• Speech Disorders: Fluency, Articulation, Phonation, Resonance and Voice
• Language Disorders: Phonology, Syntax, Semantics Comprehension and Expression, and Language Processing
• Voice Disorders: Hoarseness, Low Volume and Poor Vocal Quality
• Swallowing Problems: Difficulties with Swallowing, Infant Feeding and Aeromechanical Concerns
• Augmentative Communication Needs & Devices: Communication Methods and Devices that Assist with or Replace Speaking or Writing

Speech Therapy Treatment in the Allegheny Valley

The goal for speech treatment is help you achieve communication skills that make your life more convenient. With our specialized and individualized treatment, we work with you to develop the skills to overcome the obstacles that are speech disorders.

Speech Therapy Programs in Lower Burrell

Our speech therapists treat the individual, but also provide support for the family, schools, businesses and other organizations in Allegheny Valley society. When you have a speech disorder, the goal is to communicate effectively with people at work, the grocery store, church, etc.

Contact us today to help your loved one suffering from speech disorders. Our company provides free blood pressure readings and balance assessments. We proudly serve the Allegheny Valley, Lower Burrell, Allegheny Township, Leechburg, Kittanning, Natrona Heights, New Kensington, Sarver, Vandergrift, Arnold, Pittsburgh Mills, and Tarentum.