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Having fully functioning hands that are free from pain is essential to your employment and your personal life. For hand therapy, come to WESTARM Therapy & Homecare in the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania, where our Certified Hand Therapist/Occupational Therapist use the latest practices and newest technology to benefit you.

We offer occupational therapy in our clinics at Lower Burrell, Pittsburgh Mills, Kittanning, Allegheny Township, Leechburg and Sarver.

Occupational Therapy in the Allegheny Valley

With hand rehabilitation, there are two areas of concern: disease and injury. When you are suffering from hand disease or deformity, visit one of our clinics close to you for therapy. As you undergo treatment, you find reduced pain and improved mobility. Your hand just functions better, showing increased strength and improved dexterity.

People Having Hand Therapy in Allegheny Valley PA

Hand Rehabilitation in the Allegheny Valley PA

Our Certified Hand Therapist and skilled Occupational Therapists help you recover from injuries to your hands. Whether you have been involved in an accident at work or home in Allegheny Valley, we have the experience, techniques and technology to help you.

Allegheny Valley Occupational Therapists

The professionals at WESTARM Therapy & Homecare work to:

• Control Pain
• Reduce Inflammation
• Decrease the Swelling from Edema
• Work out Stiffness in Muscles
• Stretch Muscles and Tendons
• Prevent & Correct Deformities
• Shape Scar Tissue as It Forms
• Protect Surgical Repairs

Hand Therapy Treatment in Allegheny Township, Lower Burrell & Pittsburgh Mills

We specialize in treating a wide range of hand injuries and problems in our offices at Allegheny Township, Lower Burrell, Pittsburgh Mills, Kittanning, Leechburg and Sarver. These include:

• Recovery from Surgery
• Arthritis
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Traumatic Injuries: Fractures and Sprains
• Overuse: Tendinitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Issues from Strokes, such as Disuse/Dystonia and Paralysis

Allegheny Valley Occupational Therapy Treatment

The therapists at WESTARM Therapy & Homecare are dedicated to assist you in living as independently as possible. We work with clients suffering from all types of hand injuries and issues to increase the function of your hands.

With limited or no use of your hands, it is difficult to do anything from getting dressed in the morning to driving to work to keyboarding. That does not even cover the tasks of daily living. We know you want full use of your hands without pain, and our occupational therapists in the Allegheny Valley work with you to that end. Our concern is for your happy and healthy hands.

Contact us today to receive our skilled assistance for your hand therapy. Our company accepts most major health care plans. We proudly serve the Allegheny Valley, Lower Burrell, Allegheny Township, Leechburg, Kittanning, Natrona Heights, New Kensington, Sarver, Vandergrift, Arnold, Pittsburgh Mills, and Tarentum .