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Use of water serves your body as a powerful and effective form of therapy, known as aquatic therapy. When considering aquatic treatment in the Allegheny Valley to relieve pain and lessen the impact of serious illnesses, turn to WESTARM Therapy & Homecare.

Aquatic Physical Therapy in the Allegheny Valley

Patients suffering from injuries and chronic illnesses can benefit greatly from the use of aquatic therapy. This form of physical therapy takes place in a pool and can take the form of exercise, underwater massage and the application of jets of water.

Allegheny Valley PA Water Therapy

Using water as therapy is effective for patients with a variety of health concerns, such as:

• Strains and Sprains
• Recovery from Surgery (Especially for Hips, Shoulders, Knees and Lower Back)
• Chronic Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Multiple Sclerosis
Woman in a Pool Talking to a Man in the Allegheny Valley

Pool Therapy in Lower Burrell, Kittanning & Vandergrift

Once a patient steps into that pool, the benefits of water therapy begin. At WESTARM Therapy & Homecare in the Allegheny Valley, our physical therapists work alongside the patient to take advantage of water's buoyancy, resistance and pressure. When in the water, a patient's muscles relax, making it easier to stretch, and the feeling of pain decreases.

Buoyancy in the Allegheny Valley PA

Water's buoyancy supports a patient's weight, acting to decrease the stress that weight, especially excess weight, puts on the joints. This reduced stress makes it easier and less painful for the patient to exercise, which is one of the great benefits of aquatic therapy.

Resistance in the Allegheny Valley

Our physical therapists incorporate the resistance of water into exercise. This strengthens the muscles without using weights. The pressure of the water itself, known as hydrostatic pressure, reduces swelling, an important feature of aquatic therapy.

Warm Water Therapy in Lower Burrell, Kittanning & Vandergrift

In addition to buoyancy and resistance, the temperature of the water is part of aquatic therapy. We all know how good warm water feels on our aching or weary muscles. This same is true of water therapy, as it relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to injured areas. This is especially helpful for patients with fibromyalgia, muscle spasms and back pain.

Contact us today to ease pain and promote healing with aquatic therapy. We proudly serve the Allegheny Valley, Lower Burrell, Allegheny Township, Leechburg, Kittanning, Natrona Heights, New Kensington, Sarver, Vandergrift, Arnold, Pittsburgh Mills, and Tarentum.